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Sneak Peek into the Latest Tweaks Brought In the Clash Royale Game

Clash Royale came up with a new update in July. With the new update one gets to see a lot of improvements in the game. Since the release of the game, several changes have been made. Now, one will get to see Tournaments, a new Arena, four new troops and four cards consisting of two new legendary cards.

What Are The Tweaks?

Gamers can actually expect a lot from this Clash Royale Game update. Well, they should get ready to see a lot of changes. Starting from the Tournaments, they will get to see stronger Dark Knight, cheaper Goblin barrels, bigger Skeleton Armies to complement those Miner Cycle Decks, new Arenas and four troops.


New Arena For Hacking Game

Since the release of the game, perhaps the greatest news is the addition of one new Arena to the game by the developers and a list of hacks at Supercell wrote about this change that they were going to bring in the game in one of their blog post. The new Arena will be called Frozen Peak. It will be available for the players who have at least 2300 to 3000 trophies. This new Arena will also fall under Arena 8, whereas Legendary Arena will be number 9 at 3000 trophies like before.

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The massive new feature which Supercell brought to this game is the introduction of Tournament. This feature gets unlocked at Level 8. The best part of it is that you can win big Tournament Chests by defeating your nearby players. If you get the chance to grab the biggest tournament chest, then you can stay assured of definitely getting Legendary Cards. This feature was available to the game from June.

New Cards & Troops

In the recent update of the Clash Royale Game, Supercell introduced four new cards. Among them, three are troops and the other is the first legendary spell of the game. The first new troop is known as the ‘Ice Sprit’. Like the Fire Spirits, it also costs two Elixirs. It can do similar damage to the troops and buildings and can even freeze the enemies. We will have to wait and see how good it turns out for the game. Like the Clash of the Clans, players can now access the Bowler troop in this game more easily. He actually smashes everything on the straight line. Basically, he throws his globular rock at the enemies, which bounces and hurts multiple targets at a time.

Legendary Cards

Gamers will have to be a little bit patient in order to get hold of the two new legendaries- The Lumberjack and The Log. Gamers can get them only inside the Tournament Chests. The Log is a poison spell, but Legendary. It’s a rolling log that can slow down, knock down and take out troops. On the other hand, The Lumberjack is a Legendary Troop and has an Axe like the Valkyrie.

Download Clash royale For Android And iOS from the links.

Other Interesting Stuffs

Now, the player profiles will show the last used battle deck.

There will be a new ‘Sort’ button for the “Card Collection”.

These tweaks are sure to make the game much more interesting than before.

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Advantages of Using PayPal Money Generator

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The idea of a hack tool might still be unacceptable to some but the fact that more people are using a PayPal Money Generator signifies the public’s openness to the concept. It may be considered a necessity, but for those who could really use even a little amount of money, it as a blessing.