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Some adorable pokemon go tips and tricks

Today the entire world has been taken by storm by the pokemon go game. Everyday millions of people are joining the fray of pokemon go cheats and this is quite evident from the fact that the pokemon go game has brought large number of players to the practical world of gaming. People everywhere can be seen with their eyes glued to the mobile screen at public places and catching the pokemon.

This has been increasing on a large scale. Here are some pokemon go tips and tricks that would help to in enhancing your pokemon gameplay:

  • Visiting the parks- to catch the pokemons in your smartphones of you would go to market places of the city or crowded areas but the truth is pokemon are generally seen and caught at public places such as parks, stadiums or open places. Pokemon would be available in abundance near water places, pools, greenery and going to catch them in parks would also get you a lot of pokeballs since there are umpteen number of poke stop in parks which ensure that you don’t run of pokeballs at any stance.
  • Catch in pairs- pokemon game isn`t designed for one person but for all the players and so a pokemon in an area would be available for all the people and so hunting for them in pairs is the best option since this would get you a partner too and the fun of catching the pokemon would double. More than catching the pokemon in pairs you can form a group and enjoy the thrill of pocketing them in competition with your friends.
  • Golden radar- In order to catch the pokemon within the best possible time limit make sure that you keep a keen eye on the golden ring of your game which displays the the range of pokemon as to where it actually is hiding. The sight green light of the game would direct you towards the pokemon. Once it appears in the sighting screen it is sure that it is 700-1000 feet away from you and you can now tap your mind to catch it.
  • Parking lots- now this would sound bizarre but there have been many instances reported by people that there are ample numbers of pokemons seen spawning in parking lots near the pokestops. So make sure when the next time you are in a parking lot you pocket a pokemon before you exit.

Sneak Peek into the Latest Tweaks Brought In the Clash Royale Game

Clash Royale came up with a new update in July. With the new update one gets to see a lot of improvements in the game. Since the release of the game, several changes have been made. Now, one will get to see Tournaments, a new Arena, four new troops and four cards consisting of two new legendary cards.

What Are The Tweaks?

Gamers can actually expect a lot from this Clash Royale Game update. Well, they should get ready to see a lot of changes. Starting from the Tournaments, they will get to see stronger Dark Knight, cheaper Goblin barrels, bigger Skeleton Armies to complement those Miner Cycle Decks, new Arenas and four troops.


New Arena For Hacking Game

Since the release of the game, perhaps the greatest news is the addition of one new Arena to the game by the developers and a list of hacks at Supercell wrote about this change that they were going to bring in the game in one of their blog post. The new Arena will be called Frozen Peak. It will be available for the players who have at least 2300 to 3000 trophies. This new Arena will also fall under Arena 8, whereas Legendary Arena will be number 9 at 3000 trophies like before.

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The massive new feature which Supercell brought to this game is the introduction of Tournament. This feature gets unlocked at Level 8. The best part of it is that you can win big Tournament Chests by defeating your nearby players. If you get the chance to grab the biggest tournament chest, then you can stay assured of definitely getting Legendary Cards. This feature was available to the game from June.

New Cards & Troops

In the recent update of the Clash Royale Game, Supercell introduced four new cards. Among them, three are troops and the other is the first legendary spell of the game. The first new troop is known as the ‘Ice Sprit’. Like the Fire Spirits, it also costs two Elixirs. It can do similar damage to the troops and buildings and can even freeze the enemies. We will have to wait and see how good it turns out for the game. Like the Clash of the Clans, players can now access the Bowler troop in this game more easily. He actually smashes everything on the straight line. Basically, he throws his globular rock at the enemies, which bounces and hurts multiple targets at a time.

Legendary Cards

Gamers will have to be a little bit patient in order to get hold of the two new legendaries- The Lumberjack and The Log. Gamers can get them only inside the Tournament Chests. The Log is a poison spell, but Legendary. It’s a rolling log that can slow down, knock down and take out troops. On the other hand, The Lumberjack is a Legendary Troop and has an Axe like the Valkyrie.

Download Clash royale For Android And iOS from the links.

Other Interesting Stuffs

Now, the player profiles will show the last used battle deck.

There will be a new ‘Sort’ button for the “Card Collection”.

These tweaks are sure to make the game much more interesting than before.

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Facts That You Need To Know About PSN Codes

Nowadays, technology has changed widely and we get to see most of the millennials remaining preoccupied with latest gadgets. In the world of online gaming, PlayStation has earned a huge fame.

PlayStation also offers an excellent digital marketplace, which provides unlimited access to games. Many people love to spend their leisure time in playing games on their PlayStation. In fact while playing games on the PlayStation Store they don’t even realize how time flies.

In order to play the games, one needs to join the PlayStation Network or Community. The PlayStation Network also known as PSN helps the game enthusiasts to play the various games online and also join other players from other places of the world.


Why The PSN Codes Are Needed?

As most of the PSN games are quiet expensive, so the best way to access those games is by using the PSN codes for free. The best thing about these PSN codes is that they can help the gamers to access the various games free of cost, without shelling any penny from one’s pocket. The PSN codes make it easy for the gamers to access all the latest contents or download the contents from the PlayStation Network, and that too without paying anything. Most of the PSN codes can be obtained online from the sites that aids in generating PSN codes.

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What Are PSN Codes?

The PSN Codes are basically 12 digit code comprising of digits and numbers. These codes only run on PlayStation platforms. Thus, it can be said that you must own a latest PlayStation in order to use these codes. The codes are usually valid for a few months, after which one needs to have new set of codes.

Way to Obtain

The PSN Codes are very easy to use and obtain. In fact, many sites are dedicated for providing these codes to the gamers. Basically these sites make use of an online tool such as a PSN code generator which comes with a button that needs to be clicked in order to generate codes. Most importantly, one can generate codes as many number of times as one wants.

On obtaining the codes, it can be used to have a free access to the online network of the PS.  For this one will need to log into their PlayStation account. Then by heading straight to the PlayStation Store will land you in a section that accepts the PSN codes. Here, one needs to be very cautious while entering the code. After entering the code, clicking on the submit button is mandatory.  Very soon the account gets credited and gamers can enjoy the games for a few months.

Benefits of PSN Codes

The PSN Codes are much secured. One can stay assured that no security breaches will happen and all the important stuffs will stay safe.

The PSN codes forms an ideal gifting option for your loved ones.

The PSN codes allow the gamers to have an easy access to a wide variety of stuffs free of cost.